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Education Solutions

School's ICT:

With 20 years experience delivering quality ICT solutions to Schools, DataCam understand the ICT needs of the Education sector.

Check out our products and services below.

Interactive Displays

Interactive Displays or Large Format Displays are large TV style flat Displays.

This technology is the next evolution in classroom display and touch systems.

These displays  have everything built-in such as connection points and speakers, therefore they are very neat and tidy and look great on the wall.

Best of all they produce a razor sharp ultra-High Definition image (HD / 4K) with multi-touch control.

Use it just like a tablet or iPad.


Our Premium brand is CleverTouch - one of  the most fully featured and top selling brands on the market. It also comes with Gold Standard 5 year on-site warranty.



We also offer the Newline and Smart range which offers superb quality and sufficient features for those Customers with a tighter budget.


Call us today – and we will advise you as to what suits your particular needs.

ICT Service Contract
ICT Service Contracts

Many of our Schools Customers opt for our ICT Service contract option.


For a fixed monthly / bi-annual / yearly fee.  (you choose frequency that suits best)


  • Ensure your ICT systems are properly maintained.

  • Foresight of your ICT maintenance costs.

  • Regular on site visits for Servicing and Check-ups.

  • Includes Filter Cleaning, Virus checks and Software updates.

  • Emergency Call-out service.

  • Remote support and telephone technical support.


A good ICT service plan prolongs the lifespan of you ICT equipment thus saving the School money and ensures less downtime and class disruption.










Call us Today for more Information.

Interactive Projectors
Interactive Projectors from Epson

This technology converts an ordinary classroom Dry-Wipe board into an interactive whiteboard.

All the interactive technology is built-in to the projector beam so a physical interactive whiteboard is no longer necessary.


This system allows the teacher to work on a single board and mix digital data with traditional whiteboard markers and magnets etc.

There is no doubt that if school budgets do not extend to afford the LFD interactive displays, then the Interactive projector is a great alternative.


  • Large Display area – up to 100” diagonal

  • Longer Lamp Life – up to 8000 hrs

  • Long Life Filters  - Less Cleaning

  • Lamp costs now only €100

  • Most Cost Effective Interactive Solution

download (1).png

Call us Today for more Information.

Classroom Devices/Laptops/Tablets/iPads/Hybrids
Tablets, Notebooks, Chromebooks

At DataCam we can help  you choose the right Classroom device to meet your needs.


  • Chromebooks

  • Android Tablets.

  • iPad’s

  • Visualisers and content Sharing


Get the most from your devices, Share your Content on the whiteboard


  • Monarch Tablet Trolleys

  • Software and Apps


Call us Today for more Information.

Education Cloud Options

As a modern school you are entitled to a great range of software to enhance and digitalize your teaching environment while keeping cost down.

But how do you know what platform to choose?

Datacam can help you decide which platform best fits your needs.

  • Microsoft Cloud services

  • Google Cloud services

Cloud services are reliable, versatile and do not require servers, which may have high running cost therefore reducing your carbon footprint.

Microsoft offer a wide range of software to help you in the school environment. These services are available both through cloud-based solutions and locally installed desktop applications. The most popular apps tailored for educational settings are: Microsoft Teams Outlook Powerpoint Word Excel Microsoft Teams: This platform facilitates remote classes by enabling screen sharing, audio, and video communication and collaboration between teachers and students. It also allows teachers to assign homework with due dates, which students can submit remotely through Teams. Outlook: An invaluable email software that enables seamless communication between students, teachers, and staff. Each individual can have a customized email address that they can utilize at school or home throughout their academic journey. PowerPoint: Widely used by educators, PowerPoint empowers teachers to create engaging presentations and support their classroom instruction effectively. Word: A versatile text document application that serves various purposes such as writing essays, taking notes, crafting CVs, and organizing information. Students can quickly jot down important points, while teachers can share study materials by posting notes on Microsoft Teams. Excel: A powerful spreadsheet tool with pre-designed templates and customizable features. Teachers can employ Excel to track student grades, perform calculations, create interactive quizzes, and more. Students can use Excel to organize information, develop schedules, and manage various details. Microsoft Desktop apps are not free - you need to either buy a licence for each device or pay a monthly subscription. If you have any questions please contact us.

Google offers a wide range of cloud-based software, specifically designed for education. Teachers and sudents can have school accounts . These Google apps are accessible only through the cloud and are extremely useful in a school environment. Gmail Google Drive Google Classroom Google Docs Google Slides Gmail is a communication tool that enables teachers and students to easily interact with each other via email. Google Drive serves as a cloud storage platform for various types of documents, images, and slides. It proves highly useful for storing assignments, presentations, and notes. Additionally, organizing files into different folders within Google Drive enhances students' IT skills and organizational abilities. Google Classroom facilitates remote teaching by allowing teachers to share screens, communicate and collaborate with students, assign tasks with deadlines, and remotely grade and return assignments. Google Docs is an application for creating text documents such as essays and notes. It is particularly convenient since completed work can be directly saved to Google Drive. Google Slides enables the creation of personalized presentations using slides. This app benefits both teachers and students, as teachers can make class presentations while students can create presentations for projects. For more detail on Google services or assistance on getting approved please contact Datacam.

Call us Today for more Information.

School WiFi System

DataCam are expert WiFi system installers.


We use only the World Leading Ubiquiti WiFi System.


  • Get the most from your Classroom devices with Ubiquiti WiFi System.

  • Exceptional WiFi Coverage

  • Enjoy same strong Signal School Wide

  • Centrally managed and easily expandable

Call us Today for more Information.

ICT Support and IT Support

Call Us Today for more Information.

If your school requires High Quality:

  • ICT Systems

  • Technical Support

  • Interactive Displays

    • CleverTouch

    • Smart

    • Newline

    • Interactive Projectors

      • Epson Approved Education Partner

      • Vivitek

  • Cloud Computing

  • WiFi installation

  • Teacher Laptops

  • Classroom Devices

    • Tablets, Chromebooks, iPads. charging trolleys, etc

  • Education Platforms

    • Office 365 and GSuite

  • Service Contracts

  • VOIP Phone Systems

    • Add unlimited extensions

    • Answer calls on your smartphone using the app

    • Competitive monthly phone plan

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